Coronavirus - all classes will be online for the foreseeable future - book in the usual way


We welcome Iyengar Yoga students who are visiting Bath – no membership required. Drop us an email to book.


  • Access to the Centre’s online booking system and via this to regular classes at the Centre
  • Priority booking on all special events (workshops, yoga days, intensives & retreats).
  • Discounted rates on all special events.
  • Free attendance at half-termly gatherings.
  • 10% discount voucher for our yoga shop (annual memberships only- valid for one month).
  • membership is not required to attend the foundation course or special events.


How it Works

P1030729Membership runs for 12 months. Temporary residents may join for three months.

To book classes, a special event at members’ rate or receive any of the above benefits, you must be a member at the time of booking and during the entire period of the event you’re booking. If your membership is due to lapse in the middle of a course or event then you need to renew it immediately to keep your place.

You can see when your membership is due to expire on the flag at the top of the page when you’ve logged in.

Standard membership is for one person. Up to 4 family members living in the same household can benefit from the family membership rate. The first family member should choose the 12 month family option and make the payment in full, the other family members will then be asked to complete their own membership form.

If you are living in a household with a low income you may qualify for our concessionary membership rate. Please ask us for details. You will need to provide some documentary evidence of your household income.

When you join as a member you will receive regular newsletters which will keep you informed about upcoming events, news from the centre, booking conditions, term dates, deadlines etc. You can unsubscribe at anytime, however these newsletters will be your main source of information from the centre so are worth a read!

Members agree to abide by the rules of the Centre. The partners reserve the right to disqualify anyone from membership who does not observe the Centre’s rules.

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Standard Fee




(valid for 3 months only)





Please respect the rules of the Centre

The ultimate goal of Astanga Yoga is Viveka Khyati (discriminative discernment) leading to Kaivalya (absolute freedom). Patanjali enjoins that the practice of yoga should be Anushthana (reverential practice). Discipline is the foundation of reverential practice. BKS Iyengar emphasises that neither freedom nor beatitude is possible without discipline. The first two aspects of Astanga Yoga are Yama (Restraints) & Niyama (Observances). Yama consists of non-violence, truthfulness, non-coveting, continence and non-hoarding. Niyama consists of cleanliness, contentment, purification, self-study & surrender to God. Our rules are based on this philosophy:

  • No footwear to be worn beyond the porch.
  • Regularity & punctuality are essential parts of discipline. Be ready to start class 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Be courteous in speech & conduct to all involved in the teaching of Yoga & to other students.
  • Treat the murtis (statues) with respect. Do not use the plinths to store items or as a yoga prop.
  • Take care of the equipment and the Centre. After class all equipment should be returned neatly & properly to its correct place.
  • No meat or fish products & no intoxicants to be brought onto the premises.
  • No smoking on the premises.
  • Switch off your mobile phone (except health professionals on-call).
  • For the comfort of others please do not wear scent to class.
  • If possible take a shower before class. At least have clean hands and feet.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Do not bring valuables onto the premises. The Centre does not accept responsibility for any lost items.
  • Please be considerate towards our neighbours & towards others who may be still in a class and arrive and leave quietly.
  • All classes must be booked in advance


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Coronavirus - all classes will be online for the foreseeable future - book in the usual way