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Having attended Richard’s class for quite a few years I am still always surprised how all of the asanas are taught with a freshness and sense of discovery, every week I learn new aspects of poses I have been doing for a long time.   I am always really amazed that in all these years I can say that he has never repeated a class, and as a teacher the temptation to ‘reheat’ a previously taught class in very strong but never seems to affect Richard.  His classes are always based on his discovery and exploration of yoga asana through his own practice,. This allows Richard to respond very well to students’ needs.   Recently I have had some chronic knee problems and, knowing this, Richard got the class to work on special exercises to open out the back of the knee.  The next morning, when I went down the stairs I found that I could walk down them without the normal care, concern and stiffness. .

Craig, Bristol

Good morning Kirsten – I just wanted to share the joy I felt this morning walking Rosie and feeling a real sense of movement in my hips. All the ‘blooming’ is obviously beginning to pay off, just need to keep it going. Thank you! beginning to pay off, just need to keep it going. Thank you!

Erica, Keynsham

I can’t recommend iyengar yoga enough. Not only the method but YOUR way of teaching. Unfortunately, I never stick to it long enough but I always come back to you, and I’ve tried different types of yoga and teachings but Bath iyengar school seems to suit me.

Chantal, Bath

Thank you for a great day.

Julie, Corsham

Hi Kirsten. Just wanted to Tx you for the workshop in Bournemouth. The after effects of the day resonated for days after and have continued to do so since! Really reached my hips and leg muscles to the extent that even my toes have changed. I have ‘new’ legs! The whole day was so successful I hope you get to repeat it. 😀

Sue, Bournemouth

Restorative workshop with Kirsten was a joy, what a treat, I feel truly restored in body and soul!

Caroline, Chippenham
Hello Kirsten many thanks 4 a great weekend you are both wonderful teachers. Colin
Colin, Ayr, Scotland
Hi Kirsten and Richard
Thank you so much for such an inspirational weekend at Dent. I particularly appreciated the links to ‘everyday life’ and how yoga impacts on the whole being. It is something I had realised but the real life analogies and the simplicity of the explanations within a relaxed atmosphere really brought it home to me. Also concentrating on the back body with specific postures focusing on the breath and feeling within one’s own ‘container’ really emphasised the importance of practicing yoga safely with less striving. You have given me so much to reflect on – thank you.
Sue, Scotland

I really enjoyed the retreat in Dent, Thank you both so much!

Elisabeth, Cardiff
Thank you to you Kirsten and Richard for last weekend – I feel very fortunate to have received your teachings.
Dorothy, Lancashire
Kirsten, thanks so much for today, lots for me to work with!
Caroline, Chippenham

Kirsten, just to say how much I enjoyed last nights restorative; it was a lovely class and I felt amazing after it. Thank you so much x

Toni, Bath

Hi Kirsten

Just a quick note to thank you for the yoga day at Yatesbury yesterday.
The setting was beautiful and calm, the people were all friendly and it was a luxury to practice for that length of time with you as a kind, patient and gifted teacher.
I took away many things from the day and after a fabulous nights sleep, I hope you run another one soon.
Jane P, Bath
Hey Kirsten,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday’s class and let you know I have had so much energy since! Amazing what an effect a short class can have! I think all the leg work must have really helped, I think my energy must get stuck there and weigh me down!!
[Laura has Multiple Sclerosis.]
Laura, Bath
Hello Kirsten many thanks for a great workshop in Arnside. Many thanks Colin
Colin, Ayr
Kirsten, Thanks for the great day yesterday I really enjoyed it
Ann, Cumbria

Hi Richard  and Kirsten,
Thanks very much for organising a really good (and entertaining) course.  I really enjoyed the course, Andy made the subject really enjoyable
Best wishes,

Lois, Somerset
ear Richard and Kirsten
Thank you for sending round the piece about Guruji Iyengar. It has prompted me to share with you my gratitude for finding Iyengar Yoga at such an early time in my life…it has meant so much to me, even if small, short practises while other things are going on have been all I can do, it is always in my head and for that I thank Guruji, his teachings and his writings.
Thank you both for all the kind attention and help over many years now….and recently the summer classes I have been to when I needed a lot of the physical yoga as well as the spiritual in preparation for a special time for my family….
All good wishes Rosie
Rosie, Bath

Hi Kirsten,

I just wanted to say thank you for today, it was just what i needed after a demanding week.

The most beautiful setting, I mean seriously wow! The yoga was great, at times challenging but in a way that was useful (to me anyway) and I found your words about directing attention beyond the physical so that you can carry learning across lifetimes really connected with me.

Also that variation of supra baddha konasana with the rolled blanket along the spine released something from my sacrum that felt both physical and emotional and deeply healing.

So thank you again and I hope you might do another one in the not too distant future!

See you Tuesday,

Caroline x

Caroline, Bath

Hi Kirsten

Thank you so much for looking after me last night.  I still learnt loads and everything has settled down overnight ready to start a new day today with Lois’ class tonight.
I hope you have a good day!
Erica, Keynsham
Hi Kirsten
You wanted to know what effect last night’s yoga had. Well, I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months! Not only that but when I woke that my front body was open and the organs – well, happy is the best word to describe them. Not scrunched up and working with ease was the sense I got.
Caroline, Bath

Hello Kirsten and Richard,

Many thanks for giving a great Summer Workshop in Dent.

I really enjoyed the weekend and look forward to the next event.

Best Wishes,


Colin, Scotland
Hi Richard and Kirsten

Thank you for holding the retreat at Dent, it was wonderful to experience the depth of your yoga knowledge in such a magical setting. I very much hope to return next year.
Best wishes,
Jennifer, North Yorkshire

Hello Richard & Kirsten
The retreat was fun, relaxing and interesting.  Beautiful venue and lovely location.
 Kirsten, I am grateful for your gentle but informative adjustments. The pranayama you taught I found wonderful. While the feeling is easy to remember, excactly what you said or I did was easy to forget. Your reminder on Saturday to take a few mins in savsanna to note a couple of key things was helpful.
(I am disappointed that I will not be able to attend your workshop in Inverness in October. )
Richard your clear instructions led to one ‘light bulb moment’ after another.  As new understanding and connections were made in my mind and body. It has given me lots which I continue to work on in my practice.
Alice, Scotland


Thank you so much for the yoga weekend with Cristian. What a wonderful gathering of yogis in such a lovely venue.

I really appreciate your hard work in getting it all organised

Enjoy the rest of the Intensive

Mary xx

Mary, Brighton

Hi Kirsten and Richard,

A quick note to say thank you so much for your help and support over the last few months with the back and neck problems I have had.

Both of you have been so helpful offering various modifications or alternatives to poses to allow me not only to continue to participate fully in the classes but also to promote recovery and prevent further injury. Your wisdom and compassion have been invaluable and I am so grateful.

Up until a couple of years ago, I had been extremely fortunate with my health, so it has been a testing period and I have at times been very frustrated with it all. My inner guru has had to shout very loudly to get my attention!!

Lots of love,

Caroline, Bath

Dear Kirsten

Your May Intensive was insightful and well crafted as always. Such a luxury to have all those hours to work in depth on often a small group of postures taking them to new depths of understanding. My big break trhough was with Pranayama which I have always found difficult. By the third morning I had new glimmers of understanding and sensitivity.
Jane, Bath

Hi Kirsten, I really enjoyed your workshop in York last Saturday – it was just what I needed.

Gillian, Cumbria

Hi Kirsten

I wanted to thank you for the workshop on Saturday,  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much.
Thank you and I hope you return to the region again soon.
Kind regards
Rachel, Yorkshire
I just wanted to write and say thank you for your Pune guide, it has been invaluable in preparing for my trip and alongside Bobby’s guide more useful as it has a bit more of a “UK perspective”. I am heading out there for the first time next month and think it very generous to provide such a comprehensive guide.
Sara, London

Hi Kirsten,

Thanks so much for an excellent intensive. I really enjoyed your teaching and feel grateful for all that yoga gives us.

Jenni, Dorset

Hello Kirsten.
Thanks for a great weekend. We both really enjoyed.

Ali, Hampshire

My shorts arrived today  and they fit really well. Many thanks, I love them.

Julie, Italy

Thank you for last night’s class – I nearly didn’t come because I was so tired, but coming was exactly the right thing to do.

E, Keynsham
 I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful foundation course with Kirsten. I really enjoyed learning more about Iyengar Yoga technique. Thank you very much, Hannah
Hannah, Bath

Two great classes!

Hi Kirsten,

I meant to drop you a quick mail last week and just didn’t get to it and then this week’s lesson was also so good it gave me a boot in the backside to contact you.

Last week I really enjoyed the work with the backs of the thighs and you also zeroed in on one of my bad habits.. It has renewed my awareness of this sloppy bad habit so thank you for that.

Then this week, the supported standing forward bends were great – I’m a bit in denial but think I’m entering the peri-menopausal state which I had just put down to trying life circumstances …… so those supported Adho Mukha Svanasana and Prasarita Padottanasana  and Uttanasana practices followed by that lovely pranayama practice was fab. After the viloma practice I had a glimpse of deep healing peace. Could do with a bit more of that in my life to counteract the plate spinning of work, failing health parents and teenager doing ‘A’ levels!

So thank you so much for your teaching and whilst I will miss your lessons, I hope you have a wonderful time in India with Richard and return refreshed and renewed and with yet more wonderful yoga insights to share with us!

With grateful thanks and very best wishes

Caroline, Bath
Dear Kirsten,
Thank you soo much for your inspired BACKBENDS (level2) yoga class last Tuesday – it is my best 70th-birthday present, 2 months in advance!!! It has shown me that there is life and room for improvement at or after 69.
Two days afterwards I was able, as a result of your class, to achieve palpable improvement in at least two asanas, these being Tadasana Gomukhasana and Setubandha Sarvangasana. In the latter I was able to fit an upright wooden block under my sacrum – something I had not managed in all my years of yoga so far: what a delight!!!!!
It would be great if you could fit in an Intensive focusing on backbends at some stage in your busy schedule – maybe some time before next Christmas???! I’d be the first on your doorstep.
Thanks again for my best 70th-birthday present!!
SH, Bath

Hi Kirsten – you asked us to report back on how we felt after last night’s class – I have to say I feel great, no pain or stiffness in either my back or hip (and I usually would feel pain in my hip after a back bend class), plus normally by now in the working day I would be feeling tired in my upper back from being at a desk all day, but I’m not feeling that today.

ED, Keynsham
Just a big thank you from me for hosting Christian. It was a superb weekend. The teaching, the venue and organisation were excellent. I do hope you invite him back!!
Debbie, Manchester

Dear Kirsten
Thank you for a very enjoyable back bends class today. I never thought I would write those words!

Morag, Bath

I started the foundation class today with Kirsten and just wanted to say how much I loved it. I feel uplifted even on this dreary January day. See you next week.

Lyndsay, Bath

Zoe is a superb yoga teacher in my humble opinion.

Jane, Bath
Thank you so much for this years, it has been a great learning both in yoga, and life in general (I guess there is no such difference).
With deep gratitude
(teacher training)
Edgar, Spain
Thank you for your guidance and pertinent instruction at the weekend, gratefully received.
And on behalf of the SWIYI, thanks again for coming.
Jane, Cornwall

Just wanted to thank you and express how amazing I found the yoga course with Christian.. I loved practising with you guys too.. it was all around a great experience that will stay with me for life.

Hannah, Bath
Just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You! for a fabulous day on Saturday in Arnside …
It was our first visit to that venue, and the first time we’d had the chance to benefit from your teaching, and we were massively delighted with our day out!
D says she got some very useful tips from you re. how to access the wide-leg poses with less groin pain, and has deepened her understanding quite tangibly in that regard; so obviously we’re both rather excited about that !
Although Bath is a bit far for us to travel) we very much hope to practice with you again as & when our paths should cross.
Many kind regards  x
Laurie, Sunderland

Thanks for putting on great workshop with Cristian last weekend


Mary, Sussex
I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Pranayama session at the end of the last class. I found it deeply restorative and it was just what I needed.
Caroline, Bath
Thank you for your travelling thousands [of miles] to teach us.
I like your class,as a child eager to listen the parents telling stories. Listening your “stories”,roaming in your “stories”,absorbing the nutrients in your “stories”.
I enjoyed “listening” in your class,likewise in Pranshantji’s.
In this yoga education,“How to do Asana”is not the purpose of the study. The purport of asana and Yog are more important. It’s hard for me using the words to discribe the benefits in this five days,but really can feel something happen within.
I’m hoping you to come continuely and as a beacon of hope for me forward.
See you next year.😊
Cissy, China
Dear Richard thank you for such a great time in Dent. I enjoyed last year, but this year was even better, such fantastic teaching.
Sharon, Yorkshire

Many thanks Richard for an excellent w/e….Am looking forward now to your return Kirsten for the Arnside day. Many thanks again, helps so much keep my feet on the ground with lots to cope with around me.

Carol, South Lakes

Being from the UK, my husband and I knew of Kirsten Agar Ward by her strong reputation as teacher before we began practicing Iyengar yoga with her in Bermuda. She is a gifted teacher; bringing precision, determination, focus, unflinching patience and kindness to her classes. To practice yoga under Kirsten’s guidance has both challenged and remade our understanding of what yoga is.

Dr BS Ashim & Dr L Gray, Bermuda

Kirsten is an awesome instructor, very patient, gentle and yet firm in her teachings, which is what I expect from a yoga teacher. It has helped balance my yoga practice given I go to two different teachers. She will definitely be missed, I wish her the very best of luck in the future.




NG, Bermuda

I have only been practicing yoga for a few years and as an inflexible 49 year old I am sincerely grateful that I had the opportunity to have Kirsten mentor me to set a proper foundation for my practice to develop and flourish, and to reconnect with my body, breath and self awareness. This has come late in life but at a critical juncture before entering middle age. Kirsten taught me so much in a short time that in practically every pose I can recall her instructions or a pointer or tip that she shared to find the intelligence and ease in the pose, to calm my mind and body and to perform the pose in alignment and safely.
Kirsten impressed me with her calm, measured and precise approach to instruction as well as her reverence and compassion.
I am sad that Kirsten is returning to the UK because it was evident that she intended to build the yoga community at a time when Bermuda desperately is in need of community builders and highly skilled health and wellness practitioners.


David, Bermuda

Kirsten is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had and I am truly sorry to see her go. In my years of learning yoga from various instructors, it’s Kirsten who finally made me realize that yoga is not just a practice of asanas, but a way of life. I very often think of her words and find myself incorporating her teachings in my daily life. I also had the privilege of learning from Richard for a few weeks, and he is also an exceptional teacher.

I will really miss learning from Kirsten, and I really hope that our paths cross again.

Jaya, Bermuda

Kirsten creates a nurturing environment for students to learn Iyengar yoga. She is open to questions and comments and is mindful of students’ issues, including energy levels! She encourages students to practise at home providing suggestions with necessary adjustments to first enable, and then deepen the asanas. She will be missed as our teacher in Bermuda!

Sarah, Bermuda regular student

Classes with Kirsten were thoroughly enjoyable. Kirsten’s style of teaching is respectful and approachable, I always felt comfortable to ask questions. I learned a lot and appreciate the respect she showed her students. I will truly miss my classes with Kirsten.

K, Bermuda

I am heartbroken that you will be leaving Kirsten. It has been a true joy and inspiration studying under you.

Thank you for all you’ve done to grow the Bermuda Iyengar Community. You will be sorely missed.

Erin, Bermuda Iyengar Yoga teacher & regular student

I & other students are very disappointed at hearing that Kirsten is leaving us here in Bermuda. She has been a great teacher & friend to all of us, we will greatly miss her knowledge & wisdom. Namaste

George, Bermuda

You have made a big impact on a lot of us here and you will be greatly missed

Elisa, Bermuda

‘The yoga was majestic & profound as always with Richard – I hope your students realise how blessed they are ! ‘

Sue, Buxton
Hello Richard
Thank you for a profound yoga weekend – & thank you for the adjustments
Have a good day tomorrow with your family – the delights of Roma !
I hope there will be a repeat of this next year
Sue, Buxton

Well I am now 10 days into my trip and I wanted to send my thanks to you. Prashants teaching is both fresh and exciting but somehow deeply familiar and that is because of your faithful and profound understanding of his thoughts and philosophies.

Karen, Cornwall
It’s been a fab yoga filled week – intense – with some good progress. Thanks to you both for fab.knowledgeable teaching.
Lindsey, Bath
Thank you both once again for a superb weekend of yoga, company and food, not to mention the glorious setting. I think maybe next time I won’t add in the 5 mile, 1000 feet climb up Cautley Spout waterfall on the Saturday afternoon, although it was spectacular. [Dent Retreat]
Val, Cheltenham

Dear Kirsten and Richard,
Thank you so much for your kindness, wisdom & skilful teaching.
The retreat was much more than I’d hoped for and I feel so inspired. I feel that I have learned so much.

Esther, London
I really enjoyed the foundation course, it was amazing how much benefit I felt after just five lessons.
I learned more with you than with all the years of dabbling with books and dvds.
I would like to make yoga a regular part of my life and will sign up again as soon as I am able.
Linda, Somerset

As a student and teacher of Iyengar Yoga I feel blessed to have the Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre so available to me.  A mere 180 miles away it is more than worth the trip down from Manchester to Richard’s Intermediate and Senior Teacher Training classes.  And those that fly in for yoga classes from as far afield as Sweden, Norway and Italy make me feel like I’m a Bath “local”!

Louise, Cheshire Teacher Training

Just wanted to jot you a line to say that this weekend was both really enjoyable and rich in learning.
It was a lovely ending and I felt very nourished.

Zoe, Bristol

As teachers, Richard and Kirsten show heightened awareness, sensitivity, and dedication to their students. As members of the Iyengar Yoga community, they exemplify a genuine and courageous devotion to a yogic path that is inspiring. I am blessed to have the BIYC as my yoga home away from home!

Cara, Bournemouth

I have been a student of Richard’s for over 20 years, and it’s been a pleasure to see him develop into one of the foremost practitioners and teachers of Iyengar yoga in the UK.  In recent years, his teaching has been in demand in the Americas and Europe as his skills have become more widely recognised.  Many years of personal practice and regular trips to Pune have led him to develop a keen understanding of asana and pranayama, and an eye for any problems his students may encounter.  He generously shares this knowledge with his students, demonstrating and exploring with them how the use of props and other asanas can enable them to improve their practice.  In addition, his teacher training classes encourage observation of the poses of others and provide further insights into helping students develop their yoga.


The Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre, owned by Richard and his wife Kirsten, form the base for their activities.  The Centre is very welcoming, and contains three cosy well-equipped studios, changing room, office/shop, with all the facilities necessary to carry out their teaching activities.

Martin, Scotland Teacher training

At Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre you are guided in making the transition from being a student learning to learn, to one that also learns how to teach. Teaching is an art. It comes from your own practice not from a book. We are encouraged to be studious in our personal observations, to enquire and explore; to be knowledgeable in body, mind and spirit.

The philosophy of the subject is woven through the training and now in my second year, I have the opportunity to observe and adjust in Richard’s beginners class. An incredibly valuable and enjoyable experience. Quiet inspiration.

Zoe, Bristol Teacher training
The ITT is being a very fruitfull experience,  beyond to learn the art of teaching, this course  is helping me to go deeper in Iyengar’s teachings, in the real meaning of yoga practice. And consequently, I am improving my personal practice and also my willing of help others to learn this wonderful path.
Edgar, Spain Teacher training

I’ve been taught yoga at 4 different establishments. This one tops them all. Yoga here is taken seriously and executed incredibly well by all the teachers, who are well qualified. Out of the dozen or so teachers I’ve come across this is the place to learn REAL Iyengar yoga. I’d advise anyone to go – its suitable for all ages and it will benefit your life in every way possible.

Celine, Cirencester

ITT at Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre is expertly taught by Richard and Kirsten – their teaching and guidance and the content of the course goes well above and beyond training you as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher and offers an ‘education for life’ as a Yoga Practitioner.

Katy, Bristol Teacher Training
I have visited Bath on a number of occasions for training and workshops, including for visiting teachers such as Christian Pisano. These events are always supremely well run and organised. It is testimony to Kirsten and Richard’s organisational skills that teachers appear to enjoy them as much as students do.
The new centre is a delight, a beautiful and sympathetic conversion of a wonderful building. It is well equipped, light airy and welcoming. 
Karen, Cornwall

I first attended one of Richard’s classes in 2003 when he was visiting Cornwall. What struck me instantly was the depth of his knowledge, his calm, measured teaching style and his obvious love of Iyengar Yoga. I took so much away from that first session that I have seen him somewhere at least once a year ever since.

Karen, Cornwall

Well worth the travel to be taught by such knowledgeable teachers,  always thought provoking always a pleasure.

Lucy, Cornwall

Wonderful ambassadors for Iyengar Yoga – The Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre radiates years of experience, professionalism and a friendly atmosphere. Thank you Richard for the pearls of wisdom, I really enjoyed attending the senior workshops

Lin, Kent

Kirsten and Richard prepare you beyond the syllabus for teaching and ITT assessments.  Kirsten has fantastic attention to detail and is always thoughtful and clear in what she is teaching and Richard teaches and can see and understand what is happening on a deeper level.  They teach you not just the technical understanding of the asanas, but the whole philosophy of yoga.  I felt I got a deeper understanding of what yoga is, not only from them, but how they encourage you to search within yourself for understanding.  Their dedication to Iyengar Yoga is an inspiration.  Annemarie

Annemarie, Bristol Teacher Training

I find the classes at the Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre are very rewarding as they challenge and help me to continually develop my asana (postures) and yoga practice. We are very fortunate in Bath to have Richard and Kirsten to share their considerable experience and knowledge gained over many years of study directly with B.K.S. Iyengar.

Jim, Bath Regular

Discovering Iyengar yoga with Kirsten and Richard has transformed my life, pushed back the aches and pains of mid-life, given new strength and a sense of calm

Kathryn, Bath Regular

I have been a student of the Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre for many years. During that time I have been fortunate to be tutored by Richard and Kirsten Agar Ward. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Their approach is rigorous and well structured and they are recognised locally, nationally and internationally for the quality of their Iyengar yoga provision.  I have attended group and individual sessions, receiving excellent tuition in both. In the individual sessions I  was supported with a customised programme of asanas which helped me both to recover from a prolonged period of illness and to take a positive approach to an ongoing health issue. I would recommend the Bath Iyengar Yoga Centre for those who wish to begin, develop and improve their yoga practice.

Dr JH, Bath regular

The Iyengar yoga community is extremely fortunate to have someone like Kirsten flying the flag for Iyengar yoga in the UK. Kirsten, an Intermediate Senior level 3 teacher, is an inspiring and dedicated practitioner and teacher. She regularly attends classes at the RIMYI in Pune, which is apparent in her teaching and lifestyle. Kirsten and her husband Richard do an amazing job running their beautiful centre in Bath, along with juggling other commitments for the Iyengar yoga community and their families.

Jacky, Manchester Occasional

I’ve been taught yoga at 4 different establishments. This one tops them all. Yoga here is taken seriously and executed incredibly well by all the teachers, who are well qualified. Out of the dozen or so teachers I’ve come across this is the place to learn REAL Iyengar yoga. I’d advise anyone to go – its suitable for all ages and it will benefit your life in every way possible.

Celine, Cirencester Regular

It is a real privilege to train to teach with Kirsten and Richard. The training sessions have been clearly structured, very informative, practice; and enjoyable. The course has been life-changing and I would strongly recommend it!

Kate, Cornwall Teacher Training

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