Coronavirus - all classes will be online for the foreseeable future - book in the usual way


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All classes currently online – block booking option by calendar month or book single classes.

Non-members welcome

Fees & Discounts

  • Fees depend on the number of classes booked in advance – if you book a block per class rate is less.
  • Concessions available for those on low incomes or who have been affected by the Covid19 outbreak. Please enquire.
  • Non-members pay an extra £1 per class

Length of Class                Calendar month block          Single class

1 hour                                                  £9.00                                                          N/A

1½ hour                                               £11.25                                                     £12.75

2 hour/Gentle (not therapy)                 £12.75                                                     £15.00

Please note

  • Transfers can be made between classes within a block by arrangement (subject to space)
  • The advertised teacher may change.

We also offer:

  • private 1:1 and 1:2 classes
  • individual therapy assessments and classes

Advice and Cautions

  • Wear comfortable unrestrictive clothing and bare feet to practise. Shorts and a T-shirt are best. It’s best if your knees and ankles can be seen.
  • Allow four hours after a main meal or one hour after a light snack before class.
  • If you are menstruating certain asanas are not suitable so please consult the teacher at the beginning of the class.
  • Some of our classes are not suitable for pregnant women or for people with certain medical conditions. If you think that this might apply to you it is essential that you contact us for advice on yoga classes that would best suit your needs.
  • If your medical condition changes you must inform us in advance of class.

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Coronavirus - all classes will be online for the foreseeable future - book in the usual way